Business Information Division

Our Business Information Division publishes business journals, court and commercial newspapers and other publications, operates web sites and conducts a broad range of events for targeted audiences in each of the 21 markets that we serve in the United States. These activities put us at the center of local and regional business communities that rely upon our proprietary content. We currently publish 64 print publications consisting of 14 paid daily publications, 30 paid non-daily publications and 20 non-paid non-daily publications. In addition, we provide business information electronically through our 49 on-line publication web sites, our 33 event and other non-publication web sites, and our e-mail notification system.

We use our business publishing franchises as platforms to provide a broadening array of local business information products to our customers in each of our targeted markets. In addition to our print publications, we utilize various media channels, such as online, mobile, live events and audio/video, to deliver business information to our customers.

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