Our Culture

This is fundamental to understanding The Dolan Company. What kind of company do we want to build? What kind of people do we want to work with? Many of our operating units are decades old, and several are more than a century old, and as going concerns they predate us by generations. As a company, The Dolan Company has been around for barely a decade. Young Company, young culture.

For the first few years we were busy just growing this thing. Lots of deals, lots of product launches, lots of talented people to hire. But now we are spread across the country and we employ nearly a thousand people. Because we want to have a common way of approaching our businesses, it became important to think through what is important to us, and to state very clearly our values.

After a great deal of thought, we condensed our Company's cultural values to a handful of concise statements that you see here. These statements go to the heart of what we want to accomplish. These, by the way, are not so much prescriptive as they are reflective, outlining what our culture already is.

We Want to Build a Company That:
Is highly opportunistic
Learns from its failures
Always does the right thing
Takes chances intelligently
Always delivers on its promises
Prefers "better" to "new" but does both
Beats our competitors by out-thinking them
Considers the whole employee, including the family
Listens, really listens, to customers and acts on what is learned

And We Want to Work With People Who:
Are highly reliable
Have fun while they work
Are very good at what they do
And always want to get better at it
Exceed our expectations - and theirs too
Respect and like each other, and the Company
Feel free to find the most effective ways to goals we all have agreed upon