Our Platform Companies

We call our operating companies "platforms," intentionally implying that they provide the basis for growth.

Our principal platform acquisitions, in chronological order, have been:

  • Finance and Commerce, Inc., Minneapolis
  • The Daily Reporter Publishing Company, Inc., Milwaukee
  • The Daily Record Company, Baltimore
  • The Journal Record Publishing Company, Inc., Oklahoma City
  • Legal Ledger, Inc., St. Paul
  • Daily Journal of Commerce, Inc., Portland
  • Legal Communications Corp., St. Louis (now called Missouri Lawyers Media, LLC) 
  • Long Island Commercial Review, Inc., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.
  • Daily Record Company, Rochester, New York
  • DataStream, College Park, MD
  • Federal News Service, Washington, DC
  • The Idaho Business Review, Inc., Boise, Idaho
  • New Orleans Publishing Group, Metairie, Louisiana
  • Kansas City Daily Record Company, Kansas City (now part of Missouri Lawyers Media, Inc.)
  • Lawyers Weekly, Inc., Boston
  • Counsel Press, New York City
  • Arizona News Service, Phoenix
  • The Mecklenburg Times, Charlotte

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There have been many more "fold-in" acquisitions of smaller operations that become a part of our platforms.